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Pinay woman

Former movie star

Angeles has always been known for it’s tremendous amount of beautiful women. It’s possibly the best spot for finding your Philippine girlfriend or spouse after local authorities outlawed barfines in Fields Avenue bars. Employees have to work full time these days and can not count on early work releases. They must get tired of work as dancing and bar tending full hours is a harder job than being a spouse of an retired officer in America. Think about it, Angeles is going the same route as Cuba and Saudi Arabia with fake relationship and short time marriages. Funny how Filipinos tend to copycat other countries instead of fixing their problems right away.

Food Stalls on Fields

Just when venues open, many night workers rush to pick up barbeque chicken and hot dogs from street stalls. It’s cheaper than Jollybee fastfood and Kokomos restuarant next by.

group of Halloween bargirl

Love or scare: costumes on Fields Avenue

Harvests are coming to an end in October, the month of pumkin heads: Time to buy scary costumes and celebrate Halloween on popular Fields Avenue in Angeles City, Pampanga. Halloween is the most fun time of tourist season apart from Christmas. Everybody is happy, photogenic and scared LOL. Filipina bargirls walking around streets with funny costumes to have fun and search for new customers that are even more scary.

Golden Nile bargirls

From Executive Club to Golden Nile. Nice meeting with old girlfriends

One of the most famous night clubs on Fields Avenue: Golden Nile club. This neon-lit and glamourous dance hangout features Filipina bargirls who love to drink tequila, champagne or San Miguel Light beer. While it’s mostly designed for feirgners with lots of money in their deep pockets, local Filipino visitors who are well heeled can be spottet from time to time. Met two old girlfriends on the way up to third floor dance floor. We had a lot of fun and laughter about good old time when this club was still places above Blue Nile and called Blue Nile Executive.

Be aware of this scammer girl from One Eyed Wench. She stole money and documents from a customer. Or even better, avoid visiting this bar named One Eyed Wench in Angeles. It’s a place that is highly unattractive without her, anyhow. Don’t let bargirls get too close to you.


Taking detours and exploring streets in not so visible neighborhoods is my favorite past time. It’s so much more interesting to conquer Philippine suburbs by foot instead of just driving by in a speeding Trike Patrol. Plaridel and Pradel 2 are very safe Angeles City suburbs with wide streets and lot’s of interesting industrial estates and farms in between residential areas. Close by Candy Bar and Mount Arayat Street there is this busy repair shop for cars and trucks. One mini van is sitting outside the estate. It’s totally morbid and defunct. It sits their patiently to be repaired. Or maybe the owners put it there in hope that somebody will just steal it. Usually, cars are kept inside a gated area with guards, but this old vehicle stands on public ground


Been working with my new Sigma tele lens with 2.8 aperture for the first time. It provides a great perspective blur and bokeh. Makes my cute Pinay model look ever cuter. What do you think? Should she get into cute modelling?


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