street sign

What is the true meaning of this sign?

Getting a driver’s permit is easy with common sense, that is what some people think. But look at that street sign. Could you tell the true meaning of this road sign that is pointed at car and trike drivers alike? It shows a male and female pedestrian with the male holding a bag. That is strange. Normally, it’s the other way around with the woman holding a hand bag. Could it be the guy is a bakla and baklas are not allowed on this road together with women? That would be discrimination, wouldn’t it be? Pssst, don’t tell the bakla beside the Trike Patrol girl from my previous post. She always gets outraged about inequality. The answer is simple. The sign stands for school/children crossing. However, it is supposed to show bags for both, male and female students and be depicted with green background and black grid. Looks like the original colors were out of stock in Balibago Barangay on Batangas Road.