Don Juico

Can you read this street sign? Eroded paint and rust make it hard to guess what was written on this plate.

Finding places in Angeles City can be challenging. Asking people about a street name and number seldomly yields a solid reply. People know landmarks and they know neighbourhoods. Ask them about Oasis Hotel and they will tell you to drive into a certain direction past a bridge and make a turn to the right on Friendship gate and look for the hotel on the right side just after passing a Korean restaurant. They still find stuff, but it takes time. They probably know the trike dirver on duty, but road signs and not well known. Now, I do know why. People can barely see them. Last week I was looking for Ilang Ilang Street in Clarkview. It was a side street of Don Juico Avenue. Well, I found that sign for Don Juico, but I had to look very closely. Don’t the barangay captains generate income from their taxes to upkeep street signs?