Dirty beach

Dark sands on dirty Subic beach

Angeles can become very boring after some time. Subic Bay and Olongapo are around 2 hours by car going West on newly built Tarlac highway. The ride next to Mount Pinatubo is more exciting than Barrio Baretto itself. The bario and most beaches like Baloy beach are rather dark and dirty. Unlike in Boracay, nobody cleans the beaches. It’s filled with trash, broken glasses, used condo ms and other treasuries of South China Sea. Hey, maybe some guys are looking for gold from Japanese WWIII ship wrecks?

Locals patrolling the beaches are vendors and scammers who try to get quick money from tourists – sometimes by very questionable ways. Hotels are rather low in standard – either over priced or very dirty and cheap. Subic Bay is one of the places you don’t ever need to go to unless you have a good reason.

Tarlac highway

Scenic view during car drive by taxi from Angeles City to Subic Bay. It’s more exciting than Baloy Beach if you enjoy tarmac and nature blending and bonding in the Philippines. Here is what you won’t get in most cities in Asia: fresh air! Enjoy the peace.


Bottles of glass, sometimes broken and lots of trash. That’s a poor and dirty beach with not the cleanest water. Nobody to clean the place in sight, but plenty of jewelry vendors who will try to sell ‘real’ pearls.