trike from Angeles City

Trike driver tries to match speed of passing vehicle

With my camera in my hands I took on a challenge to shoot streetlife in AC for a couple of hours while driving around in a tricycle. I was on Trike Patrol. It’s not that easy to keep your camera steady while the Filipino driver speeds along the tarmac from Petronas station to Marquee Mall (Ayala) on the other side of the city. Passing by other trikes and vehicles and a lot of curious people. Specially Filipina girls are very curious to have their picture taken by a handsome foreigner like myself (joke lang). I will be doing a lot more Trike Patrols. It’s a fun way to see new places and pick up girls from Angeles University. Soon I will do Trike Patrol in Manila as well. They use different models with larger cabins in Metro Manila and Quezon City up to Bulacan.