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Big smiles at Marquee Mall

Whenever carrying a camera (well one of the professional DSLR size) with me in SM Mall near main gate of Clark I have had security guards lecturing me about this “no photos – this is a private property” shit. It’s payback time. I no longer go and buy in SM anymore. I decided to punish them and go to Marquee Mall instead. Marquee Mall is next to a NLEX exit and has ample of parking. Whenever I walk around there with my camera and take pictures everybody smiles. Nobody complains. Even the girls riding escalators are friendly. They ask, kindly: “Sir, can you take my photo, please?” What a beautiful world. I was so surprised about this friendly attitude to ask about her phone number, email or Facebook account. Well, I will be back at Starbucks. Maybe she will read this post here on WordPress and remember me.

Batangas Street

People crossing the street between Trikes and cars

My taxi brought me from Manila airport back to Angeles City. It was an early morning on a Monday. The driver wanted to save 20 Piso on the way back off of NLEX highway fees. I was upset, but used the opportunity to snap up some streetlife scenes, like this shot of two people trying to cross the road on Batangas Street in Balibago. Pedestrians have a hard time in Philippine traffic. They are very scared of vehicles hitting them and even more scared of running into arguements. Sometimes, I am really upset about the drivers who squeeze their way forward without any excuse. Pedestrians should be armed with stones in their hand to become more powerful as most drivers are real cowards who are afraid of their precious cars to be damaged.

Don Juico

Can you read this street sign? Eroded paint and rust make it hard to guess what was written on this plate.

Finding places in Angeles City can be challenging. Asking people about a street name and number seldomly yields a solid reply. People know landmarks and they know neighbourhoods. Ask them about Oasis Hotel and they will tell you to drive into a certain direction past a bridge and make a turn to the right on Friendship gate and look for the hotel on the right side just after passing a Korean restaurant. They still find stuff, but it takes time. They probably know the trike dirver on duty, but road signs and not well known. Now, I do know why. People can barely see them. Last week I was looking for Ilang Ilang Street in Clarkview. It was a side street of Don Juico Avenue. Well, I found that sign for Don Juico, but I had to look very closely. Don’t the barangay captains generate income from their taxes to upkeep street signs?

After long search I found some images from the NorthPhilExpo 2011 that took place inside SM Mall. This exhibition about North Luzon was very well visited and highly successful. Too many people and loud music.


cebu pacific
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SM Mall

View of Northwing at SM Clark


These days SM Mall in Clark is noisy and dirty. Not because of being too crowded with Trike drivers, maids, shoppers and employees, but because of construction. Soon SM Clark will be expanding to it’s North side. Stay tuned for my pictorial once it’s new shops are open for public.

Pinay woman

Former movie star

Angeles has always been known for it’s tremendous amount of beautiful women. It’s possibly the best spot for finding your Philippine girlfriend or spouse after local authorities outlawed barfines in Fields Avenue bars. Employees have to work full time these days and can not count on early work releases. They must get tired of work as dancing and bar tending full hours is a harder job than being a spouse of an retired officer in America. Think about it, Angeles is going the same route as Cuba and Saudi Arabia with fake relationship and short time marriages. Funny how Filipinos tend to copycat other countries instead of fixing their problems right away.

Dirty beach

Dark sands on dirty Subic beach

Angeles can become very boring after some time. Subic Bay and Olongapo are around 2 hours by car going West on newly built Tarlac highway. The ride next to Mount Pinatubo is more exciting than Barrio Baretto itself. The bario and most beaches like Baloy beach are rather dark and dirty. Unlike in Boracay, nobody cleans the beaches. It’s filled with trash, broken glasses, used condo ms and other treasuries of South China Sea. Hey, maybe some guys are looking for gold from Japanese WWIII ship wrecks? Read the rest of this entry »


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